I genuinely don’t understand how people can get all social justice-y about The Sims.

EDIT: Like, I just don’t read too much into premades bios and headcanons and Rasta hairstyles on white sims and whatnot because… it’s freaking Sims? Not real life? Am I a heartless bigot?
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These were all random shuffles on pixlr-o-matic.


Cody spends quite a lot of time at Darrin’s house. He really gets along with Carol.

Carol: Awwww, look at mah babiez!
Grumpy Tyler: BOOOOOO!

Cody is growing up. He’s an artistic, perfectionist slob.

Yay twins! Holly and Cole Beasley.
Grumpy Tyler: Ah yes I’ll just stand here by the desk, maybe they’ll go away. Lindsey: UGH DON’T TOUCH ME I’M NOT READY FOR THIS.

I turned on Auto Risky Woohoo for a moment = INSTANT PREGNANCY. #yolo

In which Darrin falls for his mysteriously gorgeous roommate… What a coincidence! 
In case you’re wondering what happend to Dorothy, his university girlfriend… well… let’s just say “the long distance relationship didn’t work” aka “once he moved back to Bridgewood, she completely disappeared from his Relationships Panel and was nowhere to found and I had no idead that would happen”. Oops!

Life’s good at the new house. Except for Grumpy Tyler’s stupid pranks. Every now and then, Lindsey comes over to check on her boys Tyler. “Are you doing your- DARRIN, IS HE DOING HIS HOMEWORK?!”

Happy Snowflake Day!

My only question is: WHY?