Roudy Ranch - 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

So this is a copy of the house where Lindsey, Trevor and Cody live. It’s pretty basic because they didn’t have a lot of money when I built it and I was too lazy to give it an upgrade once they got rich.

- 22.141 §
- Partially Furnished
- 30x30 Lot
- Patch: 1.63
- All EPs except Into the Future, no Stuff Packs

Recommended CC (NOT INCLUDED):

- Door by Mutske
- Shutters by alverdine
- I used the trees that came with Bridgewood (by createaworldblog), I guess the game will just replace them if you don’t have them? Correct me if I’m wrong.


Enjoy! :)

(via decorphile)


Lindsey got pregnant again! On her last day of adulthood! Trevor couldn’t be happier. :)

Grumpy Tyler still has no time for your bullshit. He’s also Athletic, Childish and a Cat Person (which makes me laugh, for some reason).


Darrin graduated from Sim University (Technology degree) and has to move back to Bridgewood. Lindsey is now Assistant Principal and Trevor is a Gardener (Level 5). They’re both getting older but Lindsey keeps rolling the wish to have another baby…

The dorm room romance continues. 

Darrin is now a young adult! His traits are: Good, Supernatural Skeptic, Loner, No Sense of Humor, Absent Minded and he wants to reach the top of the Law Enforcement Career. He’s getting a Technology Degree and he also met a sorority girl, Dorothy.

Sorority house - living room.

Oh happy day! Darrin set the kitchen on fire just in time for graduation!

Oh happy day! Darrin set the kitchen on fire just in time for graduation!

Grumpy Tyler. He has no time for your bullshit.

Lindsey got pregnant and Darrin is not very good at making friends.


Trevor and Lindsey are engaged! The Bachelorette party was fun. :)